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La Duchesse is a free and a very personal harpsichord improvisation project started in October 2019 to express the affetto or spirit of a day after my daily routine has been taken care of. 

These recordings have not been cut or edited and are presented complete from the beginning to end as such are a true reflection of spontaneous musical creativity. Almost all of them (except two video) were recorded 11 pm to 3 am in complete darkness (where i was unable to see anything including the keys).


The instrument is a original french harpsichord from the end of XVII century borrowed from a great friend. More than 70 tracks were created throughout the process.  Below i would like to share some of my personal files never, which have never been published before.


I suggest closing your eyes and listening to it freely as a form of meditation, allowing yourselves to travel through the harmonies like a nobleman in XVII century who, returning home tired after a day of work, requests some music to help in relaxing his mind.

image (3).png
Le Bon Temps
00:00 / 03:54
La Promenade Champêtre
00:00 / 06:48
La Réunion
00:00 / 05:43

La Réunion is the only piece of this project for two harpsichords. The second one was included digitally later.

La Tranquillité
00:00 / 11:01

La Tranquilité is a piece improvised upon request for a friend who has insomnia. 

L'Euphorie de la Victoire
00:00 / 05:14
Le Pensée Insistante
00:00 / 05:41
Nouveaux horizons
00:00 / 05:48
Le Bon Sommeil
00:00 / 19:05

Le Bon Sommeil is the continuation of La Tranquilité, a piece to be listen lying on the bed for sleeping.

Le Rêve
00:00 / 06:19

Le Rêve is the only piece of this project played on the piano.

Early Music in a Different Way ;)

by Eduardo Antonello

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