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I consider myself to be a very lucky person because i am able to make what i most love in my life my profession: to make other people happy through music. It is not an easy path but i cherish the time spent and feel my investment in it to be most fulfilling. After all, what remains behind after we die? Only the memories that people have from us, and, most importantly,  the difference we made to them during our lives. 

The downside is that making classical and early music requires almost constant investment. Instruments maintenance, repairs, replace of traditional consumables such as gut strings, are just some of the factors a professional musician seeking authenticity must manage.  On top of this, there is the cost of the recording equipment itself, the instruments and many hours of study and preparation each day.

Because i love what i do, i´m happy to invest my time and money on it since it brings me joy, and as important, i know from the response i have had the joy it brings to other people too.

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Unfortunately, conditions in my home country of Brazil are not particular conductive to my cause; I often have to rent my instruments to supplement my income. This is further compounded because last year the Brazilian Real was heavily devalued against the U$ Dollar and Euro making it practically impossible to invest in new instruments, consumables, maintenance and parts. To make things even more difficult, items which i have to import are subject to extremely high import duties on arrival in Brazil, which vary between 60 and 100% depending on the shipping company.

I´ve been really fortunate recently after i had a problem with my positive organ. Many Youtube channel friends quickly came to my aid after becoming aware of the situation; I could not be more grateful to them for their support because it has really made all of the difference for me. That crowdfunder is still running and we have reached around 30% from the target as at 04 October 2020. 

If you enjoy my videos and would like to consider supporting me in keeping this project alive, your help (any help!) is very important (be it through monthly sponsorship or a one-off donation, big or small). With your support, more videos can be made and all of us will be making it together in a different way ;)

Gratefully Yours,

Eduardo Antonello

Early Music in a Different Way ;)


Early Music in a Different Way ;)

by Eduardo Antonello

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