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Recently, following upgrades to my positive organ, the wind blower no longer works for it. Unfortunately, this means my instrument is dead until i can source a new blower but these are very expensive, and worse, they are not manufactured in Brazil, making them very hard to replace due to Brazil´s currency devaluation and importation charges.

The goal for my crowdfunding comprises the price of the blower itself , shipping costs to Brazil, import duties (which are extremely high even for professional musicians who like me whose livelihoods depend on it), and installation/maintenance. Any help would be most welcome if you would to support me with a contribution to my cause! As soon as my positive organ can "sing" again, it can return to my performances and i can return to my craft. If you have any doubts do not hesitate to write me. Thank you again for your help!


Early Music in a Different Way ;)

by Eduardo Antonello

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