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A personal improvisation in Medieval, Renaissance or Baroque style exclusively created and dedicated for you (or someone you choose as gift) played on the harpsichord or another keyboard instrument you want (clavichord, piano, organ). After purchasing, you will receive a file with instructions.


The process of composing and recording takes about 1 week and during it i will be mailling you to know better your expectations and wishes since it is a real exclusive process. When it´s finished you will receive the audio file in high quality and video recording. If you agree, the improvisation will be uploaded at Early Music in a Different Way ;) channel and your name as a Patron will be on it.


Original harpsichord (or keyboard) piece improvised under suggested"affetto"

$200.00 Regular Price
$180.00Sale Price

    Early Music in a Different Way ;)

    by Eduardo Antonello

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